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Star-crossed Series by Rachel Higginson

Book 1: Reckless Magic
Good Reads Description:

16 year old Eden Matthews has been in and out of private schools for the last two years. Kingsley is her last chance to finish high school and she is determined to simply do that. But when she meets Kiran Kendrick and her world opens to something she thought only existed in fairy tales, she's unsure what her future will hold. Suddenly she is captivated by a boy who seems to be the source of all of her problems and struggling to rescue her best friend from a foreign prison. When attempts are made on Kiran's life, Eden alone must save him. Thrust into a world that is more make-believe than reality, Eden has to find her own destiny without losing those she loves most. Reckless is an intricate story of mystery, adventure, magic and love. Eden Matthews is an unlikely heroine set on a path to save the world and her loved ones before its too late.

Book 2: Hopeless Magic
Amazon Description

After returning home from Romania, and successfully saving her best friend Lilly, Eden Matthews must now come to terms with her future as an Immortal. She is in love with the Crowned Prince, but he is betrothed to someone else. Her family desperately wants her to join their rebellion, but that would mean fighting against her one, true love, Kiran Kendrick. She must fight off assassins that want her dead, an Immortal rite of passage that takes her to India and a deadly disease that no one has thus far survived. Danger seems to lurk around every corner as Eden struggles to keep her true identity a secret and protect those that she loves. Eden must find a way to be with Kiran, or turn her back on him forever and fight to save her people. Hopeless Magic is the second installment of the Star-Crossed series.

 Book 3: Fearless Magic
Good Reads Description:

Eden Matthew's world is in shambles. Her grandfather viciously murdered, her twin brother held without magic, and her best friends imprisoned, all at the hands of the one man that was supposed to love her for eternity. She has been betrayed, and now she is being hunted by a king that wants her dead. Eden must pick up the pieces of her life and stand alone against the tyranny that threatens to destroy her world. Alone she must find a way to rebuild the Resistance, locate her missing parents, save her loved ones and take down the monarchy. Everything is against her, including forbidden feelings of a love that she thought was buried. She has declared war and now stands on the precipice of defeat. Losing is not an option however, and Eden must find a way to overcome her emotions, fight through her pain and restore the magic to her kingdom. Fearless Magic is the third installment of The Star-Crossed Series.

In the final installment of the Star-Crossed Series, we find Eden Matthews a prisoner in the very household she set out to destroy. She is without magic and engaged to the same boy who betrayed her and everyone she loves. With her wedding looming on the horizon, conditions for her people continue to worsen and her goal of offering her kingdom freedom seems further away than ever. Her brother is free however, and building a Rebellion that hopes to rescue her. Eden's parents are working with the Resistance and inside the Citadel Eden finds more allies than she thought possible. However, there is more at stake for Eden than just an unwanted marriage. Her heart is on the line too, as she fights the pressures of palace life, the prejudice ingrained in her people and a seemingly unbeatable king. Endless Magic is the fourth and final installment of the Star-Crossed Series.

Mary's Review

Okay here is a little bit of a back story about these books.  I got the first book free on Amazon and it was just sitting on my Kindle.  Somehow, I just kept over looking it (not sure why).  Then a wonderful Twitter friend @JennNun told me to push it to the top of my "to-read" list.   Of course, I listen and OH BOY I AM SO THANKFUL! I finished all 4 books in a matter of 3 days! I could not even put them down. I even yelled at my Kindle through certain parts.

I know the description gives away a lot but trust me there are so much more to these books.
Eden is an amazing character.  Through the 4 books I watched her as a nervous girl, who fainted a lot, to a strong, determined female.  That is one thing that I loved about these book.

However, the greatest part of these book is Kiran.  O.  M.  G. I can honestly say that he was the cause of my emotional roller coaster throughout these books.  I loved him, then hated him, and then loved him again.  Rachel Higginson knows how to make a girl go crazy.

Every character in these books are an important part of the puzzle.  I love how Rachel Higginson makes each character their own person.  I cannot say enough how talented she is as an author! 

All the books are on Amazon and I recommend that you read them.  They will really be worth it.

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  1. I'm currently almost done with the 3rd book. In 2 days, I've finished books one and two, sacrificing sleep just to read more. There are some common errors (like grammar, spelling), but not enough to make me give up. Rachel has invented an AMAZING story that kept me wanting more. The plot is just so amazing, and the way she makes me addicted to all the characters is just uncanny. I've been on a CRAZY emotional rollercoaster these past 2 and half (: books. The twists are crazy.. Kiran Kendrick. Holy mofo...... I am obsessed with British accents now, thanks to Rachel. Just as "mary aka Mrs.Haymitch" said, you will find yourself hating and loving Kiran until you're not even sure how to feel. Anyways, i would give this series a try. On barnes&noble, the first book is free. The others are 2.99, 3.99 respectively. The beginning of the first book is kind of slow and leaves you a little confused. As the series goes on however, Rachel's writing improves drastically (: Really recommend this book... right after i finish one, i immediately buy the next book and start reading.
    && i also got creative, and read it in the shower with my nook (: (2 ziploc bags)