Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Indebted (The Premonition #3) by Amy A. Bartol

Goodreads Description:

I hang my head in sorrow for just a moment when I know I am truly alone. I feel like I’m going to my execution, just as he had said. Then I move forward again. I hop a fence of fieldstone and cross a field dotted with Queen Anne’s lace. Goose bumps rise on my arms as I pass the cluster of windmills that I have seen in a dream. The scent is sweet in the field though, not the scent of heat, like it had been when it was forced upon me in visions. I gaze down the hill, beyond the small, whitewashed house that I knew would be there. The church looms dark and grim with its rough-hewn, timber fa├žade, capped by tall, oblong spires reaching to the sky. Black, ominous clouds have collected above the roofline, as if Heaven is showing me the way.

Mary's Review:

Ok, I have no clue how to put this review into words!  I am serious! I was on an emotional roller coaster with this book.  I am going to try and do my best (without spoilers).

Best part of the book: Oh, I do not think I can even make this choice!  However, I would say that it was Evie, again.  The sacrifice that she made was the best thing anyone could have done.  I would even say that Brennus made this book too.  I am saying that because of the things that he did for Evie.    With that being said, Amy Bartol gives us some MAJOR twist and turns in this book that I LOVED!

Not so great about the book: NOTHING!!! This book was perfect.  Between the twist, turns and the characters there would be nothing that I would change!  Amy created a perfect book!

I cannot wait for Book 4!


  1. I concur! I LOVE this series and Indebted is my favourite book so far! I'm hanging out for Incendiary!

    1. I am too now .. counting the days!! Need more Reed!!! hahah

  2. Thank you, Mary! You're so kind and generous!! You make me want to write a thousand books ;)

    1. You are very welcome Amy! I cannot wait to read more of your work!!