Monday, August 27, 2012

Conflicted (Keegan's Chronicles #2) by Julia Crane

Goodreads description:

In the Elfin world, magic and destiny determine who will be together. "Chosen" pairs are fated to meet at the age of 18.

Keegan, however, is an anomaly. Having fallen in the battle between the Light and the Dark, she is only alive now due to Black Magic, and her bond with her Chosen is broken. She cannot remember Rourk at all.

For the first time, she feels like a normal teenager. She is dating Donald, her long-time crush, and everything seems perfect. But Rourk still feels their bond, and despairs for the woman he was always meant to love.

Keegan’s best friend Anna is determined to find a way to use her powers to return Keegan’s bond, no matter what it takes. The question is does Keegan even want it?

Mary's Review:

Uuuummmmm....what?!?! How could Julia Crane do this to me? Emotional.  Roller.  Coaster.  That is how I would describe this book.  This was a very quick read for me because I could not put it down.

Best Part: I have to say it again....Rourk!  I was #TeamRourk throughout this book.  After Keegan lost her memory, I felt so bad for Rourk and he did the one thing that he knew to do: FIGHT!  However, he did not fight the way that I thought he would.  Instead, he left, to join the human army.  He did this so that Keegan would have some time to herself before her 18th birthday and it was too hard to see her with Donald.  The other part that I loved was Anna and Thaddeus.  I loved that these two teams up to try and bring the bond back together for Keegan and Rourk.

Not so great part: I did not like to see Rourk suffering.  Julia Crane did an amazing job of really showing what Rourk was going through.  I really felt bad for him.

I really enjoyed Book 2.  I cannot wait for Book 3.


  1. The reviews are awesome, makes me all the more excited to read this one. I had just finished reading Coexist yesterday so I am very excited for the next book. The ending for Coexist was such a cliffhanger that I must read this book fast or I'd go crazy on not knowing what happens next.

    1. all of her books are great! She has even done spin-offs; Anna and Laura both have books!! You should check them out!