Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jacque's Favorite Authors

Mary suggested that we come up with a list of our favorite authors, which sounded easy enough.  Once I started looking at the books I have read and reviewed, this was a much harder task than I thought it would be.  I am going to list a few of my favorite authors in no particular order.  Each of these authors is unique and I love their books, so I can't possibly rank one of them as better than the others.

Amy Plum: 

I absolutely love Amy's Die for Me series.  The books are set in Paris, so there is an amazing backdrop for this incredible story.  Amy does a great job of incorporating a love story into this paranormal series without making it the focus of the books.  There is the occasional exceptional date, but it is more action than it is romance.  The revenants have unique abilities and I am constantly amazed by the originality of this series.  I LOVE the fact that the protagonist, Kate, is a strong female.  With so many series out there in which the female character automatically falls for the gorgeous supernatural guy without any regard for her own well being, this series is a refreshing change of pace.

Josephine Angelini:

The Starcrossed series is the first fiction based on Greek Mythology I have read.  Josie seems to effortlessly weave these ancient stories into this modern day series set in Nantucket.  Each of the Demigods has special powers which adds to the intrigue of this series.  There is danger, action, and a forbidden romance which tears at my heart as I read it.  I want nothing more than a happily ever after to this series, but Josie has already told us it is a Greek tragedy and not to expect a happily ever after for all of the characters.   

Jeri Smith-Ready:

I absolutely FLEW through all three books in this series.  I didn't start the series until just prior to the release of the final book, which was probably a good thing.  I don't think I could have endured the agony I would have experienced while waiting a year between each of these books.  There is a love triangle, which is a popular theme in YA these days, but there is an unusual twist.  One of the members of the love triangle is a ghost.  Aura and Zachary were born at the time of the Shift.  Zach is the last child born who can't see ghosts and Aura is the first one born who can see ghosts.  Logan is Aura's rocker boyfriend who died unexpectedly and is not ready to move onto his afterlife.  Zach and Aura are working on a project to discover how the shift came to be.  They are also trying desperately to give Logan a sense of closure in his life, which will allow him to pass on.  

Katie Kacvinsky: 

I have read Awaken and First Comes Love by Katie Kacvinsky and absolutely loved them both.  The narration of First Comes Love bounces back and forth between the two main characters, which allows the reader to really connect with both of the characters.  I absolutely love how Katie is able to share life lessons throughout her books without coming across like she is trying to do so.  I have taken valuable messages away from both of these books and can't wait to read both of their sequels.  While First Comes Love is a contemporary story set in Arizona, Awaken is a futuristic society in which technology has taken over and real life interaction is all but non-existent.  The stories could not be any more different, which really shows the range and scope of Katie's writing.   

Stephenie Meyer:

I have to give Stephenie Meyer credit for turning me into a Book Nerd.  I would read occasionally, but it wasn't until I read this series that I could not stop reading.  I have not connected with a series and a set of characters like this EVER.  I am 100% Team Edward and could not get enough of his character.  After finishing the series, I was passionate about reading again and have continued to search out other books that could provide the same enjoyment I experienced while reading this series.       

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