Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday's Fictional Boyfriend: Kiran Kendrick

Mary's Fictional Boyfriend:

Kiran Kendrick.  His name alone makes me *swoon*.  Although, this was not always the case.

Rachel Higginson is the ONLY AUTHOR that has made me love a character, hate that same character and then fall back in love with that character.  Kiran was that character.

In Reckless Magic, I fell in love with Kiran. It was not a love at first sentence.  Kiran was kind of a tease but then he officially declared his love to Eden and I was so happy.

Then came Hopeless Magic, I still loved him.  He showed more of a loving side for Eden (even though some of it was not public).  It was not till towards the end of the book that my hatred began for Kiran.

Next came Fearless Magic, my hatred for Kiran grew.  I could not stand him and it was almost to the point that I was not going to finish the series.  However, I stuck with it.

At last, Endless Magic, the beginning of the book I was still on my "Die Kiran Die" band wagon.  However, as the story continued I saw what was really happening and my love came back.  His love was still there; however, he just had a plan that we (as readers) did not see. (Very clever Rachel Higginson) 

By the end of the series I do not think I could have loved Kiran more!!  That is why he is this week's Fictional Boyfriend!

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