Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday's Fictional Boyfriend: Decebel Anghelescu

Picture is from Quinn Loftis Website
Mary's Fictional Boyfriend:

How do I explain Decebel?  Tall, dark, handsome and a werewolf! What more could a girl ask for in a fictional boyfriend?

As much as Decebel is all those things, there is more to him.  When Quinn brought out Out Of the Dark I saw a whole different side of Decebel. I saw him truly confess his love to his mate, Jennifer.  I saw  him with true emotions such as: laughter, crying and true happiness.

Of course he has Jennifer and the complement each other so well, but that does not mean I cannot wish for a werewolf like him.  Let's not forget the whipped cream *wink*


  1. So far he's my favorite character but you might turn out to like Costin too... which ever is better but Decebel is described as better looking.

  2. I like Costin better. He's sweet but then he can also be...well not himself. He can make Sally blush like crazy. :)