Saturday, August 18, 2012

Beyond The Veil by Quinn Loftis Cover Revealed

Ok remain calm! Just remain calm!

I need to relax and take a breath! *sigh* It has come to my attention that Supa Gurl site revealed the cover of Quinn Loftis' 5th Book: Beyond the Veil.  When I saw it I thought I was going to faint because that means the book will be out soon.

I am so excited about this! Quinn Loftis' Grey Wolves Series is one of my most favorite series!

So without further ado here is the cover of Beyond The Veil:

Oh I love that Sally is on the cover!! Just love it!

The book will be out soon and I cannot wait!!


  1. when will the book come out i am 11 years old and i read the 4 first books 4 TIMES I CANT WAIT INEED TO KNOW. That is what i do all day when i am not in school

  2. ive already read it and i know there is ONLY 7 books in all of the wolves series! But what is book 7 gonna be called and can we see the cover yet!! i cant wait im dying xxx

  3. Also for anyone who is wondering book 7 is gonna be about vasile and alina xxx - the king and queen of romanian wolves xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx