Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday's Fictional Boyfriend: Lucas Delos

I debated long and hard on this week's fictional boyfriend.  I had three or four excellent choices to select from, but I ultimately settled on Lucas Delos. (Probably because I am wearing my Team Fate/Delos T-shirt at this very moment.)  Lucas is from Josephine Angelini's Starcrossed series.  Brace is a picture Josie shared with her followers showing her vision of Lucas. 

Lucas is a Demigod, a direct descendant of Apollo.  He is over six feet tall and has exceptional strength.  He is one of the few demigods who can fly.  He is able to manipulate gravity to make himself light as a feather or as heavy as a rock.  Fortunately, Helen has these same qualities and abilities. 

In addition to these, Lucas is a Falsefinder.  He can tell when someone is not telling the truth, which for some reason did not work to his advantage during the first two books.  Helen's mother told them a whopper of a lie and he fell for it hook, line, and sinker.  Apollo is the god of light, which provides Lucas with the ability to bend light.  This particular skill comes in handy during the second book in the series.

Lucas and Helen do not experience love at first sight.  In fact, they actually try to kill each other.  The fates cause members of different Greek houses to want to kill one another.  After a particularly brutal battle between the two, they were able to settle their debts to each other's house and they are freed from the wrath of the fates.

We quickly discover that Lucas is not all looks.  He is very sweet and caring.  He is very protective of Helen, but he is not at all controlling.  He is very supportive of Helen and puts her needs ahead of his.  While it crushes him to see the effects the underworld is having on her, he realizes this is something she needs to do.  He doesn't interfere, but he does think of a ways he can help.

A couple of quotes for you:

“And I don't just WANT you, Helen. I LOVE you. Big difference.” - Lucas

"Even if it kills me, staying awake and seeing you... is better than any dream." - Helen to Lucas

"If other men were houses, Lucas was her Home." - A quote from Dreamless

I am anxiously awaiting a happily ever after to Lucas and Helen's relationship, which may never come.  Josie hinted that this is a Greek tragedy and not everything will end the way we may hope.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that she was not referring to Lucas and Helen when she made that statement.  We will find out on May 28, 2013 when the final book in this trilogy, Goddess, is released.

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