Friday, October 26, 2012

BLOG TOUR: Confessions of an Alli Cat (The Cougar Chronicles, #1) by Courtney Cole

When I was contacted about the tour I was actually excited.  I had recently read Courtney Cole's book Dante's Girl and enjoyed it.  I also have her Bloodstone Saga Series on my "to-read" list.  So, I just knew that when I read Confessions of an Alli Cat it was going to be good.  Fair warning: This is an ADULT book! Just thought y'all should know that!

About the Author:

Courtney Cole is a novelist who lives near Lake Michigan with her family, pet iPad and her favorite cashmere socks.  She's always working on her next novel.  To learn more, visit her at

You can stalk her on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads and Amazon.

Here is the cover:

Here is just a sneak peak of the book: WARNING: THERE IS ADULT LANGUAGE AND CONTENT!

“You look marvelous!” Sara says when I round the corner into the bedroom.
“I feel ridiculous.”
“Why?  We are simply two wealthy women with trophy boy toys out for a night on the town at one of Vegas’s most luxurious night spots.  Nothing to feel ridiculous about.”
“I’m dressed like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, only without the body for it,” I say, indicating my short, tight dress.  “How did I let you talk me into buying this?”
“Well, I thought it might help things with Rick the Dick many moons ago, but this is an even better use.  Besides, you look mouthwatering.”   
Standing up, she walks to me.  She trails the fingertips of one hand down my cheek.  
“A beautiful face,” she says, dragging her hands down to palm my boobs next.  She gives them a squeeze.  “Delicious rack,” she declares then grabs my waist and spins me around.  “And a perfect ass,” she exclaims, slapping my butt.  “You are gorgeous and any man in his right mind would give his left nut to lick you from head to toe and everywhere in between.”
“I think you secretly have the hots for me,” I laugh.  “Maybe I should be going out with you instead.”
“Oh, you flatter!  If either of us swung that way, we’d be perfect together.  But, alas, I’m a sausage lover, as are you.  No tacos for us.”
I can’t help but laugh.  “Have you always been this way and I’m just now noticing?”
“Yes.  You’ve been preoccupied for a few years.”
“I’m beginning to really love this new you.  Even if she shocks me regularly and gets me into trouble more often than not.”
“You love it and you know it.  I add much-needed excitement to your life,” Sara claims, walking to the mirror to touch up her lipstick.
“Did I tell you I love that hair style on you, too?”  I ask, referring to her dark red pixie cut.  She totally has the face to pull it off. 
“Keep going like that and I’m yours.”
We both laugh.  
“Well, I guess I’m ready.”  I add under my breath, “At least as ready as I’ll ever be.”
“Then it’s time to go.” 
My stomach flutters in dread and anxiety and, yes, a little bit of excitement.  I take a deep breath and smile at Sara.  She loops her arms through mine and grins.  
“Welcome to the first night of the rest of your life.”
We make our way outside and down the walk to the curb, to the shiny black limousine waiting there.  The ride is only twenty minutes or so, during which I drink champagne in the back of the limo at a rate of speed that would make a sailor proud.
When we glide to a stop at the club, I follow Sara out of the car.  
And the man waiting for me nearly takes my breath away.
He’s taller than I imagined and much broader than I expected.  His shoulders look a mile wide in his perfectly-tailored tuxedo, making his waist look smaller than mine.  His hair is dark brown and his eyes are the same dark, sparkling blue as they are in his picture.
He’s young, all right.  But there is nothing boyish about this guy.  Not at all. 
As I step from the car, he extends his hand toward me.  I slip my fingers into his and he smiles.  I’m pretty sure my knees go numb and my uterus has a spasm.  But it’s when he speaks that I know it’s all over but the shouting. And the Hallelujah choir.  
“You’re more beautiful than I could’ve imagined,” he purrs in a deep, velvety voice.
Yep, I’m gonna ride him like a runaway bull tonight. No two ways about it.
The thought makes me smile.

Here is my review:

I was given this book as part of the tour and I worried because I did not think I was going to finish it in time.  Well, I was wrong because the moment I picked it up, I didn't set it back down till I was finished.  Now, I love a good YA book like every other female, but sometimes you want an adult book! Oh boy, did Courtney deliver with this one!

Best part of book:  Shade! OMG! SHADE! He just isn't your typical gigolo, he is way beyond that! He was more of a "teacher" for Alli.  I loved how he really cared about her and made her feel special.  Alli needed because she had such a horrible marriage and divorce.  She is 35-ish and I can relate to her a lot with some of her issues.  I think I love Sara (Alli's best friend) just as much.  She is a little "fire-cracker" and she cracked me up.  All the character in this book were good.

Not so great about book:  I wish the book was longer.  I would have liked to see more of Alli's relationship but I am hoping that there will be more of Alli's story later on.  *fingers crossed*


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