Friday, October 26, 2012

Snow, Blood, and Envy by Jean Haus

Goodread description:

With aspirations of being an animator, sixteen-year-old Nivi Nash thought she knew all about fairy tales. Take one beautiful damsel in distress, add a charming hero, and don’t forget a cackling villain. Throw in some pretty colors, a few songs, and mix well. 

But when caught in a real one, she learns the hero—though still hot—isn’t always charming, the story far from pretty, and the villain absolute evil. On the run for her life in a stolen SUV, she isn’t worried about her beauty, but happily ever after? Yes, she wants that the most. It means she’ll live. 

The kiss always at the end of these tales? Most of the time, okay maybe half of the time, the thought of that lip lock is far, far away where these stories are supposed to be. But tied to a stake on the side of a snowy mountain, the thought of her not-so-charming hero’s kiss burns away the reality of the knife hovering above her skin.

Mary's Review:

First, I want to thank Jean Haus for giving me this book.  I am sometimes apprehensive about remakes of classics.  Sometimes the authors get it right and sometimes they just screw it all up! However, Jean Haus did this retelling of Snow White ...... RIGHT!! WOW!! This book was so so good!!

Best part of the book: Nivi and Jai (aka Snow White and Prince Charming)! Jean definitely knows how to write 2 amazing characters.  The chemistry between these two characters is amazing,  Even though, I was unsure at first because this is set in modern time ... Jean hit the nail on the head!

I also love that, at first, you are not sure if Jai is good or bad.  I also like that I love Nivi right off page 1! I think that she is an amazing character!

Not so great about book: I did not like that Nivi's father was a dork throughout the book.  I understand the reasoning behind it, but every time he was on the page (talking or whatnot) I just wanted to reach through my Kindle and slap him! *eye roll* He is such a dork!!

Other than Nivi's father, I think this is a great book and a wonderful retelling of Snow White! I would recommend to others to read!!

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