Wednesday, October 3, 2012

COUNTDOWN To Independence (Significance #4) by Shelly Crane

We are now 76 days away from the release of Independence.  Is anyone else as excited as me??

Well, we are on Chapter 14 of Significance and here are the highlights

If I had a slow motion button I would've pressed it while Caleb pulled his shirt over his head. ---Maggie
My body was already protesting a little at the distance, telling me I was going to need his touch sooner than I thought. ---Maggie
Maggie: Can we go to bed now?  I'm just so ready to lay down with you.
Caleb: Yeah.
Maggie: I like all the Robin Hood movies, even Men In Tights.
Caleb: Really.  That's an odd girl choice.
Maggie:  I'm and odd girl
Caleb:  You're not odd.  You're just different, in a good way.
Maggie:  Thanks for staying with me so I can sleep.  I felt better this morning than I ever have, I think.
Caleb:  There's nowhere else I want to be.
I will never do anything to hurt Caleb. ---Maggie

I love that this chapter was mainly Caleb and Maggie! I am loving that they are getting to know each other more and are there for each other.

What about you?

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