Sunday, October 7, 2012

COUNTDOWN To Independence (Significance #4) by Shelly Crane

72 days until the release of Independence!!

We are now on Chapter 18 and still loving Caleb's family, even though Kyle is becoming more jealous.

Let's dive into the highlights:

What can I say?  I've had a lot of spare time....waiting for you. ---Caleb
Caleb: You are the funniest person I've ever met
Maggie: And you're the sweetest
Caleb: I'm not that sweet
Maggie: You're honey bun sweet
Caleb: Oooh.  That's like the ultimate compliment.
I'm crying because it's a lot to handle but, that doesn't mean I want to change it.  I don't want that, I want you. ---Maggie
Caleb: I'm sorry. Baby, please say something.
Maggie:  I think I like it when you call me baby just as much as I like sweetheart.
Rebecca: Oh, he definitely wants in your pants.
Maggie: Beck, he may want in my pants.  In fact I'm sure all boys want into the girl's pants that they're dating, but that's not why he's doing this.

What do you think of Rebecca?  I think that she is very funny!

Until tomorrow

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