Monday, October 1, 2012

Our First Music Monday- to Celebrate our Birthday!!

Hi everyone, I'm Teri ( waves) I'm the big music fan of the Booknerds. Being so I asked Mary if I could post music each make a long story short she said yes, but I had to remember it also automatically posts to twitter and facebook. Now...I'm not sure what Mary thought I would be posting..I'm not in the habit of listening to bad 70's porn music but I promised her I'd be on my best I am going to be.( Maybe)
I am sure all of you by now know tomorrow is out Birthday ( throws confetti and pops balloons) We are excited!!!!! ( What a better time to start a new Meme right???)  So today I am going a bit off my level of music and celebrating us......thats right with a birthday song....yes...they are out there....Enjoy the music and be sure to stop by this week, esp. tomorrow for some fantastic we pay thanks for all our great readers!!! I will be back every Monday to share my love for music with you and I would love for you to join in and let me know the great stuff your listening to!!!! Now on to the music.... I'm going to admit to this...Yeah I heard this the first time on Yo Gabba Gabba...I'm a fan..its the coolest kids TV show out there....

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  1. That is awesome Teri!!! I will have to show Preston. He used to watch Yo Gabba Gabba all the time. I'm sure he will know this song.