Thursday, October 18, 2012

COUNTDOWN To Independence (Significance #4) by Shelly Crane

61 days......61 very long days until the release of Independence. But, I think we can hang on ... maybe!?

Well, we are on Chapter 29 and here are the highlights:

Maggie: Hey, Gran
Gran: Hey, pretty girl.  You make a good entrance.
But never again.  You keep each other safe from now on and all will be well. ---Gran
I'm not worried about the money, I'm worried about you. ---Caleb
I'm glad you finally got everything right again.  I've been so worried about you two.  ---Jen
As he turned away I stopped in a revelation.  I realized that I never felt the stuck feeling of needing to be released from him just now, even a little.  It was the first time we'd both walked away of our own free will. ---Maggie
Bish: I'll try Maggie.  I want to like Caleb, I do.
Maggie: Well, you better get started because he's it for me.

So, much going on in this chapter! What do you think of Bish in this you think he can figure it out???

Until Tomorrow................

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