Thursday, October 4, 2012


WOW! Thank you everyone who enter, donated and help us out on this amazing giveaway!  We are so thankful and humbled by all of this!

If you have won a prize PLEASE email me at  In the subject line please put which giveaway number you won.  This will make it easier for everyone to get the correct prize! You have 48 hours to contact me so please contact me!

Thank you AGAIN! Much love and respect!

Here is the list of winner:  (they were chosen by

Giveaway #1: Arianna Ruiz

Giveaway #2: Jillyn

Giveaway #3: Lexi

Giveaway #4: Sally

Giveaway #5: Tiffany

Giveaway #6: Ksgrdn and Candace

Giveaway #7: Sandra L.

Giveaway #8: Regina B.

Giveaway #9: Catherine Moore

Giveaway #10: Jenifer

Giveaway #11: Emily Stiftar

Giveaway #12:  Kvsgrimes

Giveaway #13:  Carole M.

Giveaway #14:  Gaby

Giveaway #15:  Cassie Mae

Giveaway #16:  Kassandra Fuentes

Thank you so much again!!!

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