Monday, October 8, 2012

Music Monday

So I am very excited today...I'm on vacay....yep, I am not here , I had to schedule this post. As you read this I am either laying in bed in a hotel with a massive hangover, or I am somewhere in the French Quarter of New Orleans prowling in the VooDoo shoppes . BUT..we came to New Orleans on a mission, and that mission was to see Bombay Bicycle Club. I have loved them for years. They are such a sweet little band, their music is catchy, and their last album actually has a song that is played over here on this side of the pond ( makes me so excited for them..and for means they came here to perform FINALLY) So please enjoy Shuffle today ( I will be enjoying it live later in the evening) and give them a further looking into. I will be back next Monday, I am sure full of stories, good music and keeping my fingers crossed ..maybe a pic with me and the band!!!

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