Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Blog Tour and Giveaway: Perchance by Lila Felix

Lila Felix has quickly become one of my favorite authors.  Her first book: Emerge was an amazing roller coaster of emotions.  She now has her second book, Perchance that is available.  Like Emerge, Lila puts her readers into another roller coaster and it is worth every single word!

Instead of doing another review of Perchance, Lila has been kind enough to give a small excerpt of the book:

Sunday morning Aunt Brenda and I went to church and sat in our regular pew in the middle on the right side. And to my surprise and joy, we were joined by Eric, Cooper, Troy and his Dad. Halfway through the sermon Cooper opened his hand on his lap and my hand slid into his. Aunt Brenda gently pinched my elbow letting me know that she was well aware of what was going on and I spent the rest of the church service with a full blush. Certainly there was some rule about blushing about your boyfriend in church, but I couldn’t control it to save my life.

I just love this book.  You can purchase it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Don't forget that you can also purchase Emerge on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Lila has been so kind to also be doing a giveaway.  One is International, where you can win a gifted copy of Emerge or a pdf of Perchance.

Be sure to enter here:

Then there is another giveaway for US only, where you can win a signed paperback of Emerge by Lila Felix and some awesome swag.

Be sure to enter here:


As always, be sure to stalk Lila Felix (Like I do) on her Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter and her personal Blog.

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