Monday, October 22, 2012

COUNTDOWN To Independence (Significance #4) by Shelly Crane

OK a fan of the page just sent me a Twitter message saying "what happen to the countdown?"  I thought it was posting but something was wrong with the sight .... I AM SO SORRY!!

So, I am going to fix this real fast. I am going to finish up Book 1: Significance.

Again, I am so sorry about this!!

Chapter 31 highlights:

I told you in the very beginning that I'll let you set the pace and that still stands.  ---Caleb
I'm happy, just like this, for now.  ---Caleb
I love you too, baby.  I don't see how I can love you anymore than I do right now. ---Caleb
I still felt tense and apprehensive, I had not idea what it was really or what it entailed or what it would feel like but this was Caleb.  I had to stop thinking of him as just a boy.  ---Maggie

Chapter 32 highlights:

(hehe! this is my favorite chapter with Caleb and Maggie!)

Caleb:  Take it easy for a while and not be so wound tight.
Maggie:  I've had good reason to be so wound.

You would never hurt me.  I know that more than anything else, especially after being in your mind.  You'd never do anything that I didn't want to do and I;m not worried about losing ourselves either.  Haven't I always kept you a gentleman?  ---Maggie

Ok, that is the end of Book 1: Significance!!  We are will begin Book 2:

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