Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Author Interview: Diana Nixon

I was introduced to author Diana Nixon when I read her book Love Lines.  I thought it was a wonderful book and shortly after that Diana agreed to do an interview with me.

1: How did you come up with the story line of Christian and Eileen?

- The main purpose of their romance was to show that true love, love at first sight still exists:) I don’t like it when the events of the book develop too slowly. Someone may say that my story goes too fast, but I like the way it goes:) Though despite the fact that Christian and Eileen’s love can be seen from the very first pages, I still gave them some time to understand their feelings for each other, their magical bond and the way this bond affects all the spheres of their lives. It wasn’t all so perfect. There were quarrels, tears and moment of misunderstanding. But there was also love, a very beautiful, passionate love. Everything about my story was built on emotions and the description of my characters’ feelings. I wanted to make the plot unique and I hope I’ve succeeded:) I also wanted my book to be recognized for something special; something that my readers would be looking forward to read more about. 

2: According to your website you will be doing 5 books for the Love Lines series, why 5 books?

- This is the first time someone has asked this question :) The Love lines series is dedicated to my beloved husband. We had been dating for almost five years before we got married and every book was supposed to be my present for him for every one of those years:) 

3: What do you love most about writing books?

- I like spending time with my imaginary heroes. I can make them cry or I can make them laugh. The books reflect our most sacred dreams and our worst fears. We can face them or run away from them, but we always like the way we do this:) And sometimes writing seems so much easier than talking! What we can’t form into words we can reflect in a book. 

4: Do you have any plans for any more books different than Love Lines? (or is it a secret?)

- It’s not a secret:) I have already talked about my future plans. I’m going to write a trilogy about a girl, a guardian angel. Just as is case of my Love lines series, I want to make this new story unique, so much different from all the book of the same kind:) Well, this is as much as I can tell for now:)

5: Are any of your characters based on anyone in your life? If so, then who? 

- No. I didn’t copy anyone I know. I have good friends who give me ideas for my characters. I have very good readers, who give me new ideas for the plot. Sometimes they ask questions the answers to which turn into new dialogs for my books:) All my characters are strong and brave individuals. And even if sometimes they feel otherwise, they know what to do to reach their goals and succeed in everything.

Thank you so much Diana for the interview!

If you want to stalk Diana like I do here is where you can find her:

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  1. Mmm, I like this girl:) lol Many thanks for the opportunity to be interviewed here. Sincerely yours. Diana

    1. Thank you for taking time to do the interview Diana!! =)