Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Fictional Boyfriend: Triple Feature: Shea Adler, Lucas Brooks and Tate Odder

Sorry about not posting Friday Fictional Boyfriend the past couple weeks! Real life issues were in the way! So, this week I am going to give you 3....that's right 3....Fictional Boyfriends!!!!!! ENJOY!!!!

Fictional Boyfriend #1: Shea Adler

Oh, Shea, you sexy sexy Captain of the Assassins! I think of all three I love Shea the most.  He stood by Elli with all of her self-esteem issues and her crazy family.  I love that he was patient and kind.  I loved that he fought for Elli no matter and loved her SO Much!!!

The other part that I loved about Shea was when he was on the ice.  OH YEAH! I love me a hockey player that is for sure! He was determined, mean and an excellent player! YUMMY!

Fictional Boyfriend #2: Lucas Brooks

LUCAS BROOKS!! O.M.G!!! I LOVE HIM! Now, you know I am a sucker for a fictional boyfriend and I like a little bit of a "bad boy" but with a good side.  Now, add in the fact he is a hockey player and you have #1 Fictional Boyfriend: Lucas Brooks.

Now, Lucas isn't just a bad boy.  He truly loves Fallon and knows what he wants!

I love that he TRULY fights Fallon and he will do anything for her.  I also love that he is "go big or go home" kind-of guy!  Oh yeah, did I mention he was totally hot and a hockey player!

Fictional Boyfriend #3: Tate Odder

SWEDISH, HOT, YUMMY! That is how I would describe Tate Odder.  Now, he is young, BUT he is extremely young (21) but when has that stopped me when it comes to a fictional boyfriend!

Tate really is a kind person with such a good heart.  He loves Audrey more than anything! He is a good boy all around but a bad-a** goalie on the ice. Oh, did I say he was Swedish! Blonde hair and blue eyes *swoon*!

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